Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

As a team here at Domino, we believe it is vital to have a clear vision, which come with high standards and promises to the client to underpin everything we do.
From the work we deliver to our clients, to the way we treat our staff.

We want to be recognised as the best building services maintenance provider across London and the Home Counties by giving our clients a service that they can trust. Our values help us define what that means in practice and how it impacts everyone who comes into contact with us – both team and client.


We want our team to want to come to work and respect is a huge part of that. By listening to each other, being sensitive to each other’s feelings and supporting each other, we can all create a work environment which is a pleasure to be part of.


All of our staff benefit from the opportunity to develop and grow in their work lives and, in return, they treat Domino Building Services as their own business. If our staff grow, we grow.


We encourage our team to challenge themselves and others by thinking outside the box to elevate our service to the next level. This means that we create a constantly growing and improving business that offers more to our clients.


We fully commit to everything we do, giving 100% to deliver satisfaction to our clients. Attention to detail, consistency and accuracy are our watch words.


Our open management structure welcomes all opinions, ideas and suggestions so everyone can play an equal role in our growth. By being open and honest, we can all achieve our shared goals.


Achievements should be celebrated. That’s why we encourage everyone who works for us to take pride in their accomplishments and share them with others. By recognising other people’s successes, we’re all lifted that bit higher.


Our customers should trust our team implicitly. Our goal is to create open, honest relationships that allow us to consistently deliver our best work, whatever the client requirements.


Excellent service delivery is always in the forefront of our minds. Happy clients mean more clients – so we strive to provide excellent service that will lead to recommendations and growth.


We inspire and motivate our employees, recognising that their experience, expertise, and attention to detail is key to our service delivery. Their ability to listen to problems and advise on solutions is what sets them apart.


Whether it’s the supply of new technologies and services through to smarter ways to run our business, we’re always on the look out for ways we can improve and innovate.

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