Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

As a team, we believe it is vital to have a clear vision, engaging high standards to our customers, underpinning everything we do.
From our service delivery to customers, to the way we treat our staff.

We are recognised as one of the most customer-focused and engaging maintenance providers in the UK, by giving our clients a service that they can trust and rely on.


We want our team to look forward to work and respect is a huge part of that. By listening to each other, being empathetic and supporting each other, we can all create a positive work environment.


We adopt an open and honest culture that stems from director level. Our processes reinforce transparency by consolidating key information for our customers.


We ensure accountability is given to each of our employees, ensuring commitment to everything we do, attention to detail, consistency and accuracy are our watch words.


Our open management structure welcomes all opinions, ideas and suggestions so everyone can play an equal role in our growth.


Achievements at Domino are always celebrated. We encourage everyone who works for us to take pride in their accomplishments and share them with us, whether that’s personally or as a team.


Our people and core business processes make it easy for customers to trust us.
We always aim to create open, honest relationships that allow us to consistently deliver industry leading service, whatever the customer requirements.


Excellent service delivery is always in the forefront of our minds. We do what we say we will. Our innovative solutions have led to recommendations and growth.


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Domino Building Services, 5 Hurlands Business Centre, Farnham, Surrey.  GU9 9JE