Water hygiene & treatment

Water hygiene & treatment

Keeping your water hygiene in top condition is vital for your business, maintaining a safe environment.

Failure to focus on your water hygiene can bring with it significant cost, both in actual money and in lost work hours – making a sound maintenance programme a must.

Working with a water hygiene specialist, we can offer a complete selection of services to protect your system. Scale is a particular problem in hard water areas, leading to leaks and other issues with your water system. Meanwhile, corrosion is when actual pipework itself is wearing away for various reasons. Fouling is a general term for any solid matter contaminating the system – often caused by scale or corrosion products that haven’t been fully removed following a previous treatment. Fortunately, all of these are treatable if picked up in time by one of our specialists when we perform regular monitoring and analysis.

Other water hygiene services include:

  • ACOP L8 / BSRIA Compliant Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Cleaning and disinfection of cold water storage tanks
  • Upgrade to ensure plant compliancy
  • Tank replacements
  • Clarifier descales and annual ACOP L8 inspection
  • Bacteriological and chemical monitoring
  • Cooling tower analysis, cleaning and disinfection, mandatory cooling tower, domestic water plant upgrades and refurbishment
  • Chemical treatment
  • Disinfection services
  • Ductwork clean
  • In-House chemical manufacture and supply
  • And much more

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Water Hygiene & Treatment

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